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Costomer Reviews

So stoked on my new products!!! 4 soap bars, lip balm, and the lotion is AMAZING! I use a ton of lotion due to a serious dry skin problem I've always had. However, lately I've found I use gobs at a time and my legs still itch. I used my new lotion that's all natural and my skin just soaks it up and holds the moisture. Extremely impressed with these products and don't plan on going back to store bought shampoo or conditioner.

Kristyne Smith

I LOVE your product! I have super sensitive skin and I've reacted SO well to your products and they have even helped my skin heal! Neither the deodorant or the chap stick caused any irritation AND they actually do their job! Thank you!

April Cappel

I purchased the lavender coconut oil lotion for my daughter's eczema and she loves how is smells and feels. I also purchased the tea tree deodorant and it works well and smells nice. Thanks for making these all natural products! We Love them!!!

Brooke Chaffee-Brown